AVM Access Server

Interfaces supported by the AVM Access Server

ListenpfeilLAN: 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet (multiple interfaces)
ListenpfeilADSL: FRITZ!Card DSL (Full Rate ADSL, U-R2, G.992.1 Annex B; PPPoE/PPPoA); external ADSL modem via Ethernet adapter (PPPoE)
ListenpfeilISDN: AVM ISDN-Controllers

Properties of the active AVM ISDN-Controllers B1, C2, C4, T1, T1-B:

ListenpfeilScalable from 2 to 120 channels, even after installation
ListenpfeilDial-up connections with DSS1 and leased lines (Digital 64S, 64S2, 2MS)
ListenpfeilPoint-to-multipoint and point-to-point lines; public ISDN access and PBX extensions
ListenpfeilSupport for ISDN BRI and PRI lines
ListenpfeilPPP over ISDN, HDLC, X.75, V.110 (for connections to GSM)
ListenpfeilChannel bundling (PPP-Multilink, BAP/BACP), static and dynamic
ListenpfeilPPP data compression

Internet standards

ListenpfeilIP masquerading, network address translation, port forwarding
ListenpfeilPacket firewall, stateful inspection filter, pre-defined filter profiles for Internet applications
ListenpfeilDNS forwarding to dynamically assigned DNS servers
ListenpfeilDynamic DNS support
ListenpfeilStatic IP routes or RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

Cost-cutting line management

ListenpfeilShort-Hold Mode: Connection set-up and clear-down on demand in the background; logical connections maintained
ListenpfeilSpecial filtering and spoofing for Microsoft networking (NetBIOS)
ListenpfeilBudgets by time, traffic volume and charges for each user, Internet connection, and remote network link
ListenpfeilAssign ISDN costs to the central LAN or the remote site
ListenpfeilRemote activation of Internet connections (by D-channel signal)

Set up firewall or VPN-secured Internet access through:

ListenpfeilADSL-Controllers (FRITZ!Card DSL)
ListenpfeilADSL modem bridge and Ethernet adapter (PPPoE)
ListenpfeilExisting Internet access using KEN! or KEN! DSL
ListenpfeilExisting Internet access through a router

Connect the LAN to PCs or PC networks at remote locations:

ListenpfeilOver the Internet connection (VPN)
ListenpfeilOver direct ISDN connections to the ISDN-Controller

Versatile firewall to protect the local networkService for Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0

Package contents

CD-ROM with Setup files and license key

ListenpfeilAVM Access Server
ListenpfeilNetWAYS/ISDN manual (depending on selected product package)

Details on VPN and IPsec

ListenpfeilUnlimited remote networks configurable
ListenpfeilUse any standard Internet access provider (no fixed public IP address necessary)
ListenpfeilPermits VPN connections to remote networks and individual PCs
ListenpfeilEasy, wizard-based configuration
ListenpfeilExport the VPN configuration for each NetWAYS/ISDN client in password-encrypted file (for transmission by e-mail, floppy, etc.)
ListenpfeilSupports the following IPsec modes: Transport and Tunnel Mode, Authentication Header (AH, RFC 2402); Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP, RFC 2406); SHA-1, MD5; DES, 3DES, AES (128, 192, 256-bit key lengths); IPComp (RFC 2393) with Deflate (RFC 2394), LZS (RFC 3051), and LZJH (RFC 2395) Internet Key Exchange (IKE, RFC 2490), Main and Aggressive Modes; authentication using preshared keys

Comprehensive user management

ListenpfeilInternal user management (groups and users) and RADIUS
ListenpfeilUnlimited number of users configurable
ListenpfeilExport the VPN configuration for each NetWAYS/ISDN client in password-encrypted file for transmission by e-mail, floppy, etc.)
ListenpfeilInformative use statistics

Easy operation

ListenpfeilIntuitive, wizard-based user interface
ListenpfeilContext-sensitive on-line help
ListenpfeilExtensive diagnostic functions
ListenpfeilOptional web-based administration interface

System requirements

ListenpfeilWindows Server 2003, Windows XP, 2000 Server or Professional, NT 4.0 Server or Workstation
ListenpfeilIntel Pentium 200 or comparable CPU; 64 MB of RAM; 50 MB of hard disk capacity for installation; up to 250 MB in operation (for log files)
ListenpfeilEthernet or Token Ring adapter with fixed IP address
ListenpfeilFor ADSL: AVM FRITZ!Card DSL with PPPoE and PPPoA, or external ADSL modem via Ethernet adapter and PPPoE
ListenpfeilFor ISDN: AVM ISDN-Controller with CAPI 2.0. (Note the ISDN-Controller's hardware, operating system and application-specific requirements.) Released without restrictions for the active ISDN-Controllers B1, C2, C4, T1 and T1-B.