Major upgrade for the FRITZ!Box 7390

Major upgrade for the FRITZ!Box 7390: The new firmware includes numerous new features for WLAN, NAS, IPv6 and telephony.

WLAN guest access: easy and secure surfing for visitors


Major upgrade for the FRITZ!Box 7390: The new firmware includes numerous new features for WLAN, NAS, IPv6 and telephony.

The new WLAN guest access gives visitors wireless access to the Internet. Guest access is completely separate from the WLAN of your home network. This means your visitors can surf the Internet and you don't have to disclose the WLAN network key for your home network. Visitors with WLAN-capable smartphones also have Internet access this way.

New user interface for a better overview

A new user interface displays information about the Internet, home network and telephony and allows individual changes to be made intuitively and quickly. All of the information can be modified simply by clicking. As always, users start the FRITZ!Box user interface by entering "" in their Internet browser.

More ease-of-use in the home network – new features for FRITZ!NAS

As a media server, the FRITZ!Box makes photos, music, films and other shared files available in your home network. These files can now be accessed with a browser at the address "fritz.nas". They can be viewed and opened in the browser. You can easily exchange files between your computer, internal storage, USB memory devices or online storage using your mouse.

FRITZ!Box for Internet access with IPv6

The upgrade provides the FRITZ!Box with complete support for IPv6, the future version of the Internet protocol, as one of the very first Internet access devices in the world. This means that FRITZ!Box users are well-prepared for the upcoming switch to IPv6.

Many other functions – also for security and energy savings

The upgrade includes a number of other new functions as well. The new WLAN spectrum analysis, for example, optimizes channel selection of the FRITZ!Box and avoids neighboring WLAN networks and now even baby phones and video bridges. The energy-saving functions of the FRITZ!Box also offer new features. For instance, the times for work days and weekends can now be individually selected.

Easy to download – just enter "" in your browser

The most direct route to these new functions is the automatic update search via the FRITZ!Box user interface. Just enter "" in your browser and then search for new firmware under "Settings" and "System", then click "Start Firmware Update".