ComputerBild Test: FRITZ!Box Has the Best Firewall

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050 ComputerBild Test-SiegerThe current issue of the German magazine ComputerBild examines eleven different firewalls to protect against hazards from the Internet. The test sample included both hardware firewalls, incorporated in ADSL routers, and software solutions, installed on the user's PC. But first place, with a generous lead over contestants from other manufacturers, were achieved by the combination hardware and software firewall integrated in FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050.

Why Do You Need a Firewall?

When your computer is connected to the Internet, you can view and download files from servers in the Internet. However, many people forget that data communication in the Internet works in both directions! If your PC is not sufficiently protected, other Internet users will be able to see your personal data, and even modify or delete it. Furthermore, Internet "worms" such as Blaster and Sasser automatically infect unprotected PCs, and then do their damage, send spam, and launch attacks from there against other computers. Infection often takes place in the unprotected computer's first few minutes in the Internet.

Hardware or Software Firewall: Which Is Better?

Hardware firewalls are integrated in the ADSL router, and monitor the entire stream of data from your network to the Internet and vice versa. Software firewalls are installed on the user's PC, and can grant or deny Internet access to individual programs. For example, a software firewall can detect when a program attempts to send data over the Internet surreptitiously. The ComputerBild test dramatically showed that only a well-coordinated combination hardware and software firewall can really provide reliable protection for your PC.

FRITZ!Box Firewall and FRITZ!DSL Protect

All of AVM’s FRITZ!Box products are equipped with an integrated hardware firewall. Moreover, every FRITZ!Box also comes with the software firewall FRITZ!DSL Protect. This software prevents rogue programs, such as Trojan horses or spyware, from establishing Internet connections without the user's knowledge. The testers gave top marks not only to the combination firewall's comprehensive protection, but also to its easy operation -- they called it "self-explanatory" -- and the software's "very useful" Help function.

Computerbild: Reliable Blocking, Optimum Privacy, Understandable Messages

Here's how the ComputerBild testers summed up FRITZ!Box: "The efficacious combination hardware and software firewall was the winner in the test. The router's built-in firewall reliably blocked unauthorized access and attacks from the Internet. The software firewall also stopped data that the computer tried to send out." For its ease of use, the firewall earned the best marks in the test sample. FRITZ!Box "was easy to operate; its firewall messages were understandable." For this performance, FRITZ!Box was the only one of the eleven hardware and software firewalls tested to earn an overall grade of "Good". No other manufacturer's ADSL router, the authors found, earned a better grade than "sufficient".