FRITZ! ISDN software in new version 3.04

Add value while reducing costs: that's the theme of the newest FRITZ! software. The Internet access and PC faxing modules in particular have been enhanced with new capabilities. Version 3.04 of the FRITZ! ISDN software is now available for downloading free of charge.

New in FRITZ!web for Internet access

The new Internet sharing capability allows all the PCs in a LAN to use FRITZ!web's economical connections. When no more data is flowing over the Internet connection, FRITZ!web's timer automatically clears down the connection. When the next link is clicked, the connection is automatically restored. Two new FRITZ!web features are traffic shaping and port forwarding. Traffic shaping optimizes the use of the ISDN connection during simultaneous uploads and downloads, yielding a better data flow especially in LAN use. Port forwarding allows specific ports to be opened for file sharing services, online games or NetMeeting connections. The built-in firewall continues to block all other ports against malicious connections from the Internet. Furthermore, the customizable schedule helps FRITZ!web minimize online costs by using the most economical Internet service provider at all times. If the connection to the best provider cannot be dialed up -- if the number is busy, for example -- FRITZ!web automatically dials an alternative number.

New in FRITZ!fax for PC faxing

No less than four new features now ensure more convenience and speed with FRITZ!fax. For example, a preview of the fax document currently in transmission is now displayed in a separate window. And all faxes can now be saved on the PC in JPEG format, or automatically forwarded as e-mail attachments. Power faxers can now use both ISDN channels simultaneously for incoming or outgoing faxes. Furthermore, FRITZ!fax now uses new compression methods to fax up to three times faster in communication with conventional fax machines. If the remote site is also equipped with a FRITZ!Card, communication takes place at ISDN speed for still faster faxing.

Finally, for easiest day-to-day use, the AVM developers have now provided Wizards for both FRITZ!web and FRITZ!fax. This means you can easily and conveniently personalize your configuration at any time, step by step.

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