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Apr 14, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Fon C4 from AVM available immediately

The new FRITZ!Fon C4: An All-Rounder for Telephony and Home Networking

With the new FRITZ!Fon C4, AVM is adding a powerful device to its DECT telephone portfolio. The new, white FRITZ!Fon C4 combines a full range of features with an attractive design. FRITZ!Fon supports HD telephony and full duplex hands-free calls; when used in combination with a FRITZ!Box it features ...


Mar 31, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Powerline 510E available immediately

Compact, secure and energy efficient: FRITZ!Powerline 510E

With FRITZ!Powerline 510E AVM introduces a new member of the Powerline product family for secure, fast home networking from the power outlet. The new model is extremely compact and extremely energy efficient, with power consumption of only 2 watts during operation. The new FRITZ!Powerline 510E is based ...


Mar 10, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

AVM at Cebit 2014 – Hall 13, Stand C48

AVM is showing new gigabit generation FRITZ! products at Cebit 2014

At Cebit 2014 AVM is presenting \"The Gigabit Generation\" of new FRITZ! products for the highest connection speeds and gigabit routing in the home network. The FRITZ!Box 4080 for fiber optic connections is the new addition to the communication specialist's range of broadband devices, preparing AVM ...


Mar 10, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

Cebit 2014: AVM with technological highlights of the gigabit generation

AVM with Innovations for Ultra Fast Internet and Gigabit Speed in the Home Network

At Cebit 2014 AVM is showing innovative technologies for ultra fast Internet and gigabit speed in the home network. A powerful, flexible FRITZ!Box for fiber optic connections is making its trade fair debut. With fast Wireless AC technology, concurrent dual-band and gigabit powerline, AVM is making ...


Feb 26, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

Market Launch for FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430

New FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 for higher speed in wireless networks

The new FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 is AVM's latest addition to the WLAN Stick product line for the new AC standard. With the new FRITZ!WLAN Stick, even notebooks and PCs that do not support Wireless AC yet can benefit from transmission rates of 433 Mbit/s for fast surfing fun. The new WLAN Stick is the ...


Feb 19, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Box: Security update available for all devices potentially at risk

Millions of FRITZ!Box users have followed the AVM security instructions by updating the software for their FRITZ!Boxes. In just 10 days AVM developed, tested and provided 83 German and 48 international updates. \"We sincerely regret that FRITZ!Box users became the victims of criminal attacks,\" ...


Feb 10, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

AVM with a Security Update for the FRITZ!Box

With updates for over 30 FRITZ!Box models, AVM has halted the criminal attacks on the FRITZ!Box that were reconstructed on Friday (7 Feb.). In order to prevent further attacks of this kind and to improve protection in the future, AVM urgently recommends installing the security update. To install ...


Feb 07, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

Attacks on FRITZ!Box clarified - Security advice still in effect - Updates will be released shortly

The attacks on FRITZ!Box that occurred over the past few days have been clarified. Due to the concentrated work of the development departments, AVM was able to identify the attack patterns of the perpetrators. According to these findings, the perpetrators launched attacks on port 443 to break into the ...


Feb 06, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

Important security information for FRITZ!Box users with remote access enabled

In recent days there have been several reports of fraudulent use of telephone services connecting through FRITZ!Box routers. It appears that the routers were accessed from the outside and used to make calls to value added telephone services, incurring substantial charges. According to our latest information ...


Jan 29, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

AVM participating in its first pilot project on vectoring with FRITZ!Box

First pilot project shows: Vectoring doubles data rates

With VDSL vectoring data rates can be increased from 50 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s. This is the result of a first pilot project on vectoring. In collaboration with a major network equipment supplier, the German network operator inexio successfully implemented VDSL vectoring using FRITZ!Box devices. Since ...


Jan 27, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

AVM at Cebit 2014

AVM at Cebit 2014: "The Gigabit Generation"

For Cebit 2014 the Berlin communications specialist AVM is presenting new gigabit generation products. AVM's trade fair exhibit focuses on FRITZ! products for more speed at the broadband connection and in the home network, including the first FRITZ!Box for glass fiber connections. Equipped ...


Jan 22, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Box 7490

Start for the New FRITZ!Box 7490 from AVM: Gigabit FRITZ!Box with Wireless AC for high-speed home networks

The new FRITZ!Box 7490 from the Berlin communications specialist AVM is available immediately on the retail market. With its new top DSL model AVM is once again setting new standards for home networking. For wireless connections the fast Wireless AC standard is deployed. Three independent ...


Jan 15, 2014 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!OS 6.01 from AVM makes the home network smarter

New FRITZ!OS with private WiFi hotspot, vectoring and much more

The new FRITZ!OS 6.01 from AVM makes the FRITZ!Box smarter and offers a wealth of innovation: The wireless LAN guest access has been turned into a private WiFi hotspot, allowing tablets and smartphones to connect with the home network using a convenient QR code. FRITZ!OS 6.01 makes the ...


Dec 17, 2013 Announcement for trade journals

AVM FRITZ!Box 3272 available immediately

Market launch of FRITZ!Box 3272: The new, higher-speed edition of the ADSL classic

With the new FRITZ!Box 3272, AVM is now presenting the successor to the popular ADSL classic FRITZ!Box 3270. The model update provides for even faster connections in the home network and secure Internet access on all ADSL lines. The FRITZ!Box 3272 is designed for higher performance, ...


Dec 16, 2013 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Box 7272 market launch

FRITZ!Box 7272: new edition of the DSL classic with every convenience for Internet, telephony and the home network

With the FRITZ!Box 7272 AVM is presenting the successor to the popular FRITZ!Box 7270. The new FRITZ!Box model supports all ADSL lines and all telephony features. The FRITZ!Box 7272 is equipped with an integrated telephone system for Internet telephony, analog and ISDN landlines. The ...


Dec 05, 2013 Announcement for trade journals

International market launch for FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100

New FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 by AVM: Greater range for cordless telephony

AVM presents the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100, the first product to increase the range of cordless DECT telephone calls. When used in combination with a FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 ensures that all calls passed on by the repeater are protected from interception. The DECT encryption ...


Nov 15, 2013 Announcement for trade journals

AVM successful in Broadband Forum VDSL vectoring test

Live test demonstrates: FRITZ!Box VDSL vectoring interoperable throughout Europe

At the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam AVM participated in a successful live test for interoperability with VDSL vectoring. The InterOperability Laboratory of the University of New Hampshire was tasked by the Broadband Forum to conduct the first test of parallel vectoring of terminal ...


Oct 24, 2013 Announcement for trade journals

FRITZ!Powerline 546E available immediately

FRITZ!Powerline 546E: AVM combines powerline technology and Wireless LAN – FRITZ!Powerline with smart plug

With FRITZ!Powerline 546E, the communications specialist AVM from Berlin presents its first product to combine wireless LAN and powerline technology. The new multifunctional device allows network devices to be linked over powerline, Wireless N and two LAN ports. FRITZ!Powerline 546E ...


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