How can I set up and use the integrated answering machine of my FRITZ!Box?

The following FRITZ!Boxes are all equipped with five integrated answering machines, each of which can be enabled and configured individually:
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7140 (Annexes A and B)
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 (Annexes A and B)
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 International Edition
In order to configure an answering machine, proceed as follows:


Enabling and configuring an answering machine

In order to enable and configure an integrated answering machine in your FRITZ!Box, proceed as follows:

Enabling an answering machine
  1. Open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click on "Settings".
  3. "Advanced Settings > Telephony > Telephony Devices"
  4. Click on "Configure New Device".
  5. Under "Integrated in the FRITZ!Box," select "Answering machine".
  6. Click "Next".
  7. Select the operating mode, greeting delay and recording length.
    If you select "Greeting only," callers cannot record a message after the greeting. Select the option "Record messages" if the answering machine should record messages from callers.

Optional: Send messages via e-mail
  1. The messages on the answering machine can be sent automatically to one or several e-mail addresses. If you wish to have messages sent, activate the option "Send messages via e-mail".
  2. Enter the e-mail address new messages should be sent to. If you wish to have messages sent to several e-mail addresses, enter the addresses separated by a comma without any spaces in between.

Optional: Saving messages on a USB mass storage device
  1. Recorded messages can be saved on a USB mass storage device (hard drive, memory stick) connected to the FRITZ!Box. This increases the total recording length available. If you wish to use this function, enable the option "Recorded calls will be saved on the USB mass storage device".
  2. If you cannot enable this option, either there is no USB mass storage device connected to the FRITZ!Box, or the USB Remote Connection is activated for your USB device. In order to deactivate it in the FRITZ!Box user interface, select "USB devices > USB Remote Connection" and deactivate the USB Remote Connection for your USB mass storage device.

Entering a name for the answering machine
  • Enter a name for the answering machine and click "Next".

Entering information on e-mail account
If you have not yet enabled and configured the FRITZ!Box Push Service, you now shall be asked to enter information on your e-mail account. This information is necessary if you wish the FRITZ!Box to forward new messages via e-mail. Enter the following:
  1. "FRITZ!Box" is preconfigured as the "name of sender". You may either keep the name or enter a name of your choice.
  2. As the "E-mail return address," enter the e-mail address to which the e-mail should be sent.
  3. In the field "Name of SMTP server," enter the SMTP server of your e-mail provider.
    If the SMTP server does not use the standard port 25, also enter the port number separated by a colon.
    The name of the SMTP server is and the SMTP server uses port 599. In this case, you would enter the following:
  4. Should you have any questions regarding the correct name of the SMTP server used, please contact your e-mail provider. SMTP servers are used to send outgoing e-mails (SMTP = Simple Mail Transport Protocol).
  5. If the SMTP server requires authentification, check "E-mail user name". Enter the user name and, if necessary, the password for your e-mail account. These e-mail account entries can be edited any time on the user interface of the FRITZ!Box under "System > Push-Service".
  6. If you wish to make sure that all settings are correct, and that the mail arrives at the specified recipient's address, click the "Test Settings" button.
  7. Click "Next".

Selecting numbers for answering machine and defining a PIN
  1. Select the number(s) your answering machine should respond to. You can specify up to ten numbers.
  2. Click "Next".
  3. If you wish to check your answering machine from another telephone line, you will need to define a PIN. Activate the option " Enable remote playback" and enter a PIN. The PIN may contain numerals from 0 through 9 and must be exactly four characters in length.
  4. "Next > Apply"

Using your integrated answering machine (e.g. switching it on and off, playing back and recording messages)

Checking your answering machine from another telephone line (remote operation)

  1. Call a telephone number which you assigned to the answering machine.
  2. When you hear the voice menu options, press the * key.
  3. Enter the four-digit PIN that you defined.
  4. Follow the instructions of the voice menu.

Switching the answering machine on from another telephone line

If you forgot to switch your answering machine on, you can do so from another telephone line:
  1. Call the telephone number which you assigned to the answering machine.
  2. Let it ring until you are asked to enter the PIN for your answering machine. Enter the four-digit PIN.
  3. Press the 3 key on your phone.
  4. Your answering machine is now switched on.